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"So What’s involved in the Web Design Process for me?"
Your Website up and Live Quickly in 5 Easy Steps!...

Creating an exciting and successful website with Kaptivate couldn't be easier! Additionally, and unlike many others, we will be on hand to offer you friendly, constructive advice and support all along the way.

On this page we have outlined just 5 easy steps that are necessary in the web design process, to help explain just how it works from conception right through to creation.


Consider your needs

Quick, Reliable & Professional Wesite Design


Kaptivate Website Design BriefWe will supply you with our own easy to use Kaptivate Website Design Brief for you to complete. How much information and time you spend on this is up to you but 10 minutes with a cup of tea would be a great start...

Your Kaptivate website design brief will help you decide what you want in your website, how you might want it and why. Even if you have never really gone into any great detail before, with this document we can move forward with exciting ideas, outlines and designs very quickly.

Once complete the Kaptivate website design brief can help guide you and us towards the right image, style and market for your website and how to make it exciting and successful.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any real ideas or that you prefer to let things develop organically… we will help make it right for you and your needs all the way. After all, the more you're seen the better for you and us!


Agree on Design

If you don't already have a domain name of your own for your website then now is the time for this be selected, purchased and registered. Again we can help with this if needed and can usually get Kaptivate Professional Web Design Process - Agree on Designbetter rates for you on purchase than most individuals and companies.

Next, we will confirm the design structure and layout of your website with you. Everything is with you. You're the boss. We will look at how your own logo, branding and general colour schemes will feature on your website and discuss all content requirements including text and graphics.

Kaptivate will then create your initial website design that will form the basis of discussion, development and creative feedback.

Logo and banner design will be created or redeveloped and incorporated at this stage if you have asked us to do this for you.


Moving Forward

Kaptivate Exciting Website Design - Design Process

We will now be ready to add your actual text and graphics to the website to create the main content, detail and draft format.

Don't worry if you feel you are not good with words, pictures or graphics. Kaptivate can offer help with all of these to make your site look the best; see our page on inspirtext for more details. From words to pictures and from marketing to site optimisation we can help you achieve your perfect site. We will do whatever is required to help make the web Design process easy for you and guide you towards a successful outcome.


Draft Approval

Now we are nearly there …

Kaptivate Web Design Process - Quick Service at all stages - Draft Approval

The Draft version of your website will allow you the opportunity to check all the details and then let us know of any changes. We then implement these and prepare your website for upload to our own reliable and secure website hosting service.



… and finally Fifth,

Final Details

As soon as your final website and pages have been agreed by you we will then move swiftly to deal with the technical side of putting your website on the internet. Setting up your email accounts, Kaptivate Professional and Successful Web Design Process - Your website Live!hosting package, registering your site with Google and other search engines and actioning any selected optimisation packages.

The actual date for 'going live' will be agreed with you and then you're up and running complete with full back-up and support.


Not only are you on the web, but you're on quickly, in style and backed up by a Reliable, Professional and Successful Web Design Service from Kaptivate.

Help – if you need it we give it. Call us anytime and just ask. Telephone 01202 574740 or have a look at our exciting Web Design special offers.