Video Production - Editing & Titling

Focusing the mind, making the best better and commanding attention with impact.

That's what post production and after effects can add to your DVD and video. Good editing technique improves and enhances story flow, maximises information delivery, emphasises importance Video Editing & Titlingand turns your production value up full.

Titles, music, jingles, sound effects, and special visual effects together with intelligent and imaginative editing can transform and energise you video and film footage.

It's a skill and it needs a trained operator with an eye for detail, a mind with vision, their heart in your project and the technology to keep up with the stunning creative demands that you want and you deserve.

Kaptivate are proud of our customer focused editing and post production work that so many others see as second best. For us, it's the icing on the cake.

Kaptivate TV Production & Video Editing

Our exciting special offers and comprehensive multi-media packages will integrate your video, DVD and digital needs into one brilliant prestigious and affordable service. Contact us for further information and to discuss package prices to suit your budget.

Services include:

Green Screen, 3D Titling, Animation, Composting, Sound Effects, Jingle Creation, Music Creation, Sound Track FX and much more...


A Dorset based video company with National and International video production experience and pedigree. From budget videos and low cost DVD production to affordable wedding videos that sparkle with class and character that Kaptivates.