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Branding your Company and deciding on a Logo is one of the first, and most important steps you will take... but why is it so important?

Logos last a lifetime and to be successful they must be simple, inspiring and memorable to be effective for you and your company. A logo needs to be an investment you make at the start - Everything else will stem from this.

It is the figurehead of your business.

Logo design cannot be put off or compromised until you can afford to do it properly at a later date - you won't want to be re printing stationery, marketing material or spend on a costly re launch campaign.

How many of the these ten examples can you identify? Try our quick logo quiz to see how many of these successful organisations' logos you can recognise - how memorable are their designs? *answers at the bottom of the page

This example gives you an idea of how memorable and successful the right logo and branding is. Business status and recognition through logo and branding alone leads to increased awareness, sales and income.

The more simple and eye catching a logo design is - then often the more difficult it is to get it just right.

Why choose Kaptivate?

Because we want it to be absolutely right for you too. You will want it to be perfect for your look, your needs and your aspirations... and so do we.

Kaptivate offer a range of simple pre designed Logos that you can adapt, modify and use immediately, and all at a cheap affordable price, for example:

Kaptivate create Affordable and  Memorable Logos ...or we can offer a full affordable targeted design service that we will work with you to create, not just a Logo, but a successful Branding Mark and Image that will work on many fronts through all media, print and signage usage - including vehicles, premises, products and advertising.

Our aim is to create something that will make you feel proud and promote confidence for you, your staff and your customers.

Name, function, location and market place targeting will be researched and focused into your design, your branding and your Logo.

Logos are everywhere and growing, constantly transmitting information and awareness...
to warn of danger Danger logo, advise of ownership Copyright Logo, locate a railway station Rail Logo, or underground Underground Logo, find a chemist Pharmacy Logo,or post office Post Office Logo, to open the internet Internet Logo Icon or a web page Twitter Link Logo Icon.

Remember the most effective, memorable logos appear simple and often basic in design - Sky, Nike, eBay. But this does not mean they were simple to create.

Some of the most successful, inspiring logos today are not just visual icons but utilise the company's name in their logo and branding:

Inspiring & Memorable Logo Design for Corporate Success

Is yours one that needs this type of design? Kaptivate can help you decide.

Call us and ask for help. Here at Kaptivate we have worked with large, successful organisations such as Williams Formula 1, British Aerospace, Turtle Wax, Abel in France and EDS - all companies where effective branding and marketing is paramount. However, we have also helped redesign small businesses and start up companies just the same always offering a cheap affordable service. All our skill, all of our resources and all of our support is injected into your design, your ideas and your branding.

It happens only once. Let's make sure it is right from the start. With our combined experience in Web Design, Infomercials, Advertising and Photography means we really can give you a first class affordable service, the full benefit of our business marketing experience and - a memorable logo!

Our prices are sensible and very affordable even for small businesses and individuals. Remember that even as you are starting out your logo is something that will stay with you as you grow. See more examples of logos and banners in our graphic design portfolio.

Contact us on 01202 574740 or email your query and we will get back to you very quickly.


An affordable Dorset Based Graphic Design and Web Design Company with creative flair, professionalism and vast experience in Business and Marketing creating Memorable and Inspiring Logos. Get a successful, effective logo for an amazingly cheap, very affordable price.

* Logo Answers:
1. McDonalds 2. Mercedes 3. Olympics 4. Children in Need 5. Nike 6. Lloyds/TSB 7. Shell 8. X Factor 9. Apple 10. Windows