Graphic Design

"Graphic Design is the communication of ideas and desires through visuals - more unseen than seen."

Let me prove it to you...?

  • The screen you are looking at now, the logo you don't notice anymore is right there in front of you, at the bottom and probably in the middle? Not just stuck on either. It will be in a particular font, colour or style?
  • The nearby cup. Has a particular pattern, colour, shape or message. It has also subtly communicated ownership too. Yours, theirs...?
  • The coaster it's on has a message, a shape or feature...?
  • You're sat there advertising your favourite clothes with logos, tags or particular style cuts and shapes?
  • Your shoes are branding you now with signs and styles making you almost literally, a walking advert? The message they give off beyond the visual is class, fashion, position or money... to name a few.
Finally, just look out that nearby window at your Graphic Designed world of colour, shapes and messages all competing for your attention and interest. Some are obvious, but many are subtle, un-noticed and very clever. That's what we do. We communicate messages, we deliver want, we make impressions and create feelings and needs by carefully and intelligently combining Graphics, Technologies, Shapes, Logos, Fonts, Colour and Information...

... and that's what we will do for you!

Kaptivate Graphic Design - Affordable Graphic Design Solutions

Remember, it's not an accident that you noticed or that it has a subtle effect. It's deliberate, it's...

Kaptivate the Art of Communication - Low Cost Graphic Design

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Dorset based Graphic Designers with clients in Hampshire, Wiltshire, London, Devon and Cornwall. We are a Graphic Design Company with flair and imagination firmly grounded in financial reality. With budget graphic designs and low cost graphic design images, Kaptivate pioneer affordable graphic design solutions that distinguish and identify you as different to the crowd.